Think Digital Publishing LLC, Refund and Cancellation Policy

Think Digital Publishing, LLC develops and markets digital products and online services.

Think Digital Publishing LLC products and services generally come with a guaranteed refund policy of 30 days from date of purchase. Based on the nature of a particular product or service the refund policy may differ from 30 days. All refund policies are clearly stated on the sales page for the particular product or service. We want buyers to know and understand our policy before they make their purchase.

For recurring billing of products or services that Think Digital Publishing, LLC offers, we cancel all future billings upon the customer's cancellation request.

All Think Digital Publishing, LLC products and services are supported via a Help Desk/Support function that is easy to find within the product or service account area, or on the access page for products and services that do not require an account to be created.

Or a refund/cancellation request can be sent here -->

Think Digital Publishing, LLC does not create, market, or deliver any physical goods. We do not request any type of physical returns.

Think Digital Publishing, LLC

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